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We are talking about the Vario dosing valve AXDV-V1-EL, the electrically controllable dosing valve from ABNOX. It was specifically developed to facilitate the demanding application of highly viscous lubricants. Usually used automatically, the application of lubricating grease or lubricating oil takes place synchronously with the movement. Accordingly, the pulsation-free valve is often used in combination with a robot, on servo axes or at professional assembly stations.

Whether for reliable bead and dot application or for spraying a line or surface, the unique solution is interesting for a variety of applications: sprockets, guides and friction points, for example, are quickly lubricated with it.

Precise, even spray patterns

The Vario dosing valve scores wherever different quantities of lubricant are applied with high precision and repeatability. In combination with a rotary head, the range of applications is also broadened. A spectacular example is the automated spraying of cylinder inner surfaces of different diameters with a single dosing valve. Matthias Iseli, CEO at ABNOX, explains: "A Vario dosing valve that is mounted on a robot can replace several standard valves."

Basic control knowledge is required for programming the AXDV-V1-EL and its synchronisation with a positioning system. The user controls the Vario dosing valve either via the RS232 interface or via digital, but also analogue inputs and outputs. The electrical control and dosing eliminate the need for a compressed air connection. Worth knowing: In the near future, the valve can also be integrated into a network via an RS485 interface!

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Withdrawal prevents dripping

The freely programmable "retraction", which prevents dripping of the dosed medium and guarantees cleanliness, is extremely useful. In addition, if no pressure tank or feed pump is available, ABNOX offers a version with a cartridge attached to the side (compressed air operation). This requires minimal installation effort and is suitable, for example, for applying special lubricants in very small quantities. There is also a manual version with a rotary knob for adjusting the dosage and a switch for two different speeds.

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