The flexible all-rounder: AXDD

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The AXDD dosing device from ABNOX has quickly established itself as a popular standard product in all industrial sectors. It replaces the classic grease container and brush at individual workstations and is especially well suited for modern assembly lines. Compact so it takes up little space, it works reliably and is quick to set up. Only the customer-specific application nozzle, known as the application head, is adapted to the component being greased.

Equipped with a standard dosing valve, this compact all-rounder is suitable for the application of lubricants with impressive ease of use. The component being lubricated is placed onto the application head and briefly pressed down, automatically triggering the dosing process.

This simple and ingenious standard product from ABNOX ensures consistent grease application to small and large as well as simple or complex components. The device is used around the world and helps save expensive lubricants while boosting productivity in the lubricating process.

Flexibility thanks to variable nozzles and valves

The AXDD dosing unit allows the user to connect various application heads and to change them quickly. For this purpose, ABNOX offers four dosing valves with individual control of the dosing volume from one cubic millimetre to six cubic centimetres. Thus the unit ensures efficient lubricant dosing for various components without changing nozzles, provided the application volume lies within the dosing range of the four dosing valves. The grease volume is adjusted directly on the valve and remains unchanged for each cycle.

Retrofitting the AXDD is straightforward thanks to the standardised concept, for instance when a component or process is modified. In short: Users benefit from high process reliability, efficiency and cleanliness. The latter is accomplished thanks to the pull-back effect when the valve closes, which prevents dripping of the lubricant.

Dual version for even more options

In case a user, for example, wants to grease two components without changing over the nozzle, the ABNOX developers have the answer: The AXDD is also available in a dual version – with two application heads and two dosing valves. Depending on the process and component, the customer chooses two different nozzles and possibly two different dosing valves for added efficiency and flexibility.

In cases where this successful standard product is not suitable for greasing a certain component, the ABNOX specialists are happy to design customer-specific special solutions.

Anwendung 1 Dosiervorrichtung AXDD
ABNOX Dosing Device AXDD: Place the part on the nozzle, push it down and the lubricant process starts automatically.
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