The heart of the lubricant supply

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If lubricating grease or lubricating oil is to get from the original container to its destination, there are several options. A positive displacement pump – for example a gear pump, rotor pump or screw pump – transports the lubricant evenly and without pressure peaks. Eccentric screw pumps can also move thick and highly viscous media with little pulsation. However, for many applications these pumps not only generate too little pressure, but they also require significantly higher acquisition costs.

For conveying medium to high viscosity lubricants to dosing stations or dosing valves in assembly lines, pumping under higher pressures is suitable. A piston pump is ideal for the clean and reliable supply of lubricants. A product range specifically developed for this purpose was created at the foot of the Swiss Alps: the AXFP drum feed pump from ABNOX.

Even suction behaviour

The high-quality conveyor with two-hand control covers a wide range of applications from 400-gram cartridges to 180-kilogram large containers. As a closed system for reliable grease supply, the AXFP is easy to use. It is characterised by:

  • quick commissioning and easy container change
  • acoustic refill message and empty message
  • automatic switch-off when the container is empty
  • preventing pollution and air inclusions

The side-mounted pneumatic cylinders allow the lubricant to be sucked in evenly. To ensure that the refilling of grease or oil does not cause downtime, a signal tone informs the staff if the value falls below an adjustable range. When the container is empty, the pump stops automatically. This means that the pumping takes place unproblematically down to the last drop, which means that there is no loss of expensive lubricating media. The new AXSP lubricant pump also gives the user the option of quickly replacing the suction system.

A version for every need

The individual drum feed pumps are each available in two versions with different delivery rates: the AXFP-S covers the range from 0.7 to 1.5 litres per minute and the AXFP-M those between 3 and 9 litres per minute.

There are four versions of the tandem pumps 2xAXFP, which were developed for longer periods of use. This clever combination of two drum feed pumps guarantees uninterrupted operation, for example during unmanned shifts overnight. As soon as the first container has been pumped empty, the grease is supplied automatically and without interruption via the second container.

Here you can see all AXFP types: https://www.abnox.com/de/990/Fettversorgung/Fasspumpen/Produkte.htm

ABNOX has completed the range with two additional systems that offer a unique price-performance ratio with reduced handling: the AXFP-Light and the AXFP-Slim.

Finally, various accessories are available such as adapters, screw connections, connection blocks, high-pressure hoses, refill and empty messages, castors, feet, sensors, electrical empty messages, static mixers, hydraulic valves, filters and distributors.

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